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Transparent Structures as Perceptual Filters, Seminar and workshop at Stanford University, 2015

Nebuta Tectonic, Jun Sato Structural Design Studio, University of Tokyo, 2014 & 2015

Sunny Hills in Aoyama Tokyo, 2013, Architect : Kengo Kuma


Naoshima Pavilion, 2015, Architect : Sou Fujimoto


International Workshops

Transparent Structures as Perceptual Filters : Seminar and Workshop at Stanford University, USA, 2015

Community Week 2014 : Dhillon Marty Foundation International Workshop in Amritsar, Punjab, India, 2014

Experiments on Geometries and Dynamics : Stanford University, USA, 2014

Creative Structures : art4d Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, 2012


Essay Contents

Transparent Structures as Environmental Filters

Guidelines for Composing Morphogenetic Operations in Structural Design

Dynamics Operations

Geometry Operations

Workshop Scale Experiments

Approach using Transparent Glass, Resin Structure

Approach using Manual Form Optimization Algorithm based on safety ratio due to allowable stress, safety ratio due to buckling phenomenon, energy absorption

Approach using steel mesh forms based on welding technique and manipulation of buckling phenomenon

Approach using wooden mesh forms developed with traditional connection system Kigumi

Approach using accumulative form

Development of 2D projection method for 3D complicated geometry

Fuzzy Node Algorithm

1D Spectrum Analysis : 1/f fluctuation

2D Spectrum Analysis : Naturalness, Comfortableness, Preference

Composition of Morphogenetic Process

Lightweight and Ductile Structures : preventing death in the event of collapse

Little by little, learning Great Nature

Soul of Engineering



Algorithm to describe plastic hinges that illustrate buckling behavior

Condensation of the eigenvalue equation of buckling



Nebuta Tectonic : Jun Sato Structural Design Studio, University of Tokyo, 2014 & 2015

Poured Sticks Pavilion : with Obuchi Lab, University of Tokyo, 2014

Different Brick : Real Size Competition 2013, with Obuchi Lab, University of Tokyo, 2013

Pop Up Stained Glass : Student Summer Seminar, Jun Sato Lab, University of Tokyo, 2013

Tensegrity Pavilion : with Obuchi Lab, University of Tokyo, 2013

“ ¿ cube ”  : with Ken Yokogawa Lab, Nihon University, 2013

Hydrotechtonic Proto Structure : with Obuchi Lab, University of Tokyo, 2012

Minimal Surface Pavilion : with Obuchi Lab, University of Tokyo, 2012

MOOM : with Kazuhiro Kojima Lab, Tokyo University of Science, 2011

Steps in the Air : Structural workshop on glass stairs, Jun Sato Lab, University of Tokyo, 2011

Moulded Pulp : Tokyo University of Science, 2010

ETFE Shelter : Tokyo University of Science, 2009



Energy consumption experiments

Copper Shell : Earth Materials for Design, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, 2010

Manipulation of Buckling Phenomenon

Reciprocal System


Structural Tips


Material Index




High tensile steel

Washi paper

Wood / Timber




Geometrical System Index

Mesh / Grid

Accumulative Form


Reciprocal System

Branched Membrane

Stacked Clusters

Branching Tree

Randomly Located Columns


Polyhedral Form

Pop Up Tectonics



Fuzzy Node

Soft Computing

Random Operation

Stress Flow Operation : assembling strong components to strengthen stressful area

Topological Operation

1/f fluctuation

2D spectrum analysis

3D Tensegrity


Dynamics Index

Buckling phenomenon

Yield surface

Energy absorption with seismic response

Manual Form Optimization Algorithm

Macro/Global Optimization

Micro/Local Optimization


Equipments Note

Preparation for workshop



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Earth : Material for Design, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Japan, 2011

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Creating New Principles for 21st Century Architecture, LIXIL Publishing, Japan, 2009

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